What is Templating?  Templating is the design and application of exact design specifications usually onto Keels and Rudders. This produces a shape that is symmetrical from side to side which translates into equal lift and speed from tack to tack. Many owners underestimate the importance of symmetry in their keel and rudders. Would you use a sail that you knew had a different shape from tack to tack, or better yet, would you race a car that was set up for right handed turns on a counter-clockwise track?  By templating your keel or rudder, you not only make your boat more efficient, you get rid of that favored tack! Gable Enterprises can design and build custom templates, or we can build templates from your One Design Class offsets. Templates can also be fabricated from your local go fast designer/designs. Gable Enterprises charges $100.00-200.00 per template for design and fabrication, depending on the size and complexity of the offsets. Call for a quote and recommendations with your particular application.