Just as with Hull Fairing, keel and rudder fairing will produce symmetrical foils that will produce more lift with less drag. This translates to a faster boat all around the race course. The advantage of a faired keel upwind is dramatic increase in lift to the weather mark. Most production keels are attached to the hull off of centerline. This means that even faired, they would create a favored tack because they would be pointed more towards one side than the other. The down side to a favored tack is having an unfavored tack. This really hurts when you have a large fleet of boats all starting on your unfavored tack side, or your approaching the weather mark lay line and you've tacked to your unfavored tack and get lee bowed by a boat and fall own into the fleet from his gas. We've all been there and there's  many other places we would rather be. 

When a fairing job is completed at Gable Enterprises, this favored tack is removed. The new templates are set directly on centerline of the boat. This means that you have no unfavored tack. Both are favored. Also most  production keels haven't been templated when leaving the builder. The templating process entails actually "blueprinting" or applying the designed templates to the foil. This template shape is stringently adhered to during the rebuilding of the foil.  Other company's don't give your foil the attention that Gable Enterprises will. Contact us to learn what speed we can produce for your specific budget.