Running Rigging:  We supply the knowledge and resources to get the lightest and most durable halyards available, giving you the racers edge. By eliminating substantial weight aloft and eliminating halyard stretch, we will produce greater performance. Our load simulation spreadsheet calculates loads from sail plan measurements. We can then customize halyards for any given boat. High-tech sheets and splices are also supplied. 

Deck Layouts: Custom deck layouts and modifications are a must for the progressing sailor. Not all deck layouts work well for all owners. We use software from a hardware supplier to figure out efficient layouts  on a large scale. Smaller changes are made from basic knowledge learned from the miles sailed on the race course. Don't drill holes twice, when a phone call can keep you from turning your deck into a leaky piece of Swiss Cheese

Standing Rigging: Maintenance is a must for the longevity of any rig. Gable Enterprises surveys and die tests rigging for your insurance surveys, or just peace of mind for the offshore sailor. Surveys are completed from the masthead to the mast step. Upgrades are also available for those racers looking for less stretch and windage. Remember, there's no job to small for Gable Enterprises.

Hardware Upgrades: Is your furling unit and gear working right? Do your jib cars stick while adjusting them with no load? Is your Genoa/Jib sheeting at the proper angle for your upwind conditions? Are your halyard stoppers slipping? These are just a few things that can annoy you on the race course or out on that pleasure cruise. It might be the difference of enjoying yourself or just getting annoyed with same old problems. Call us so we can spice up your sail. Remember, you're supposed to have fun.

Winch Repair and Lubrication: This maintenance is never performed enough. Most winches need to be lubricated once a year. Lots of use is better than no use. Winches need to be completely broken down to the base once a year. They must then be put in a mineral spirit bath to remove the grease and collected contaminants. Once cleaned and dried,  a special viscosity grease is then applied to all parts before reassembly. This grease is specially formulated for the local temperatures your boat endures. Hotter areas require a less viscous gel formulation, while cooler areas require a viscous loose formulation. Call the experts so your winches don't miss a beat in that duel to the weather mark.