Custom Rudders...E-Glass, S-Glass, Kevlar, Carbon Fibre - Custom Rudders: Spade rudders can be fabricated using stainless, E-glass, S-Glass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber rudder posts  supplied from another manufacture or built right here at Gable Enterprises. Transom hung rudders are usually, but not always, built from unidirectional S-glass and Carbon. The cutout  that you see on the front side of the rudder, where it meets the stern, tends to put much higher stresses right at waterline. Transom hung rudders commonly break at this point. Using unidirectional ( 1 direction ) fiberglass allows us to customize the load path which reduces weight/thickness of the rudder. Since spade rudders are usually more balanced with loads generating towards the shaft, we wrap the shaft and the blade of the rudder with Biaxial ( 2 directional ) fiberglass. Custom fairing using designed templates is then completed and finished out with an Interlux V127/128 or Awlgrip 545 white Epoxy primer wetsanded to 600 grit. In the case of wet sailed boats we generally recommend your favorite go-fast bottom paint wetsanded to 600 grit as a finish coat.

Custom Rudder Posts...E-Glass, S-Glass, Kevlar, Carbon Fibre - Gable Enterprises has built Carbon, Carbon/Kevlar, Stainless, E-Glass, and S-Glass rudder posts. We can build/Estimate from your plans or Design and build in house, whatever your need.

Vacuum Bagging - Gable Enterprises currently has 3 vacuum bagging pumps that are currently used for various purposes. Their primary purpose is for the vacuum bagging of laminates. We use them for repairs of one design sailboats to keep the weight gain to an absolute minimum. Ask your current repair facility if they use vacuum bag techniques for their repairs. Vacuum bagging gives you a lighter laminate in the repair because it removes the extra resin with use of a bleeder. It also gives you better bonding as it actually compacts the laminate in a tighter atmosphere of glass which helps complete air removal that is common in most hand lay-ups or repairs.

Resin Infusion - Gable Enterprises has been recently completing repairs with Resin Infusion. This process allows us to introduce the resin into a preformed vacuum bag at a precise locations and introduction times. This produces a controlled repair that is usually advantagious for those large frp repairs in those hard to get to areas like the bilge turn or keel grid areas.

Pressure Assist - Vacuum pumps are also useful in the removal of water from cored boats. A common occurrence with cored hull/deck damage is water traveling into the core after a collision as your on the way back to the dock, or just finishing the race. In this case we generally drill suction holes approximately every 6-8" in a grid pattern, remove the intruding water, then affect repairs to the area. Ask your current repair facility if they do this with their repairs. In a recent case, a one design race boat came to us for repairs. We noticed that there were two prior repairs on the starboard side of the boat. After putting a Sovereign moisture meter on these repairs to measure moisture content, the meter immediately maxed out. This meant that there was total saturation under the repair, so the repair facility had completed all their repairs while the core underneath was soaking wet. Don't settle for second rate work while paying a premium. Come to Gable Enterprises to get your race boat repairs completed the right way... Don't settle for less!

Custom Fabricated Parts - This is a fun one. Gable Enterprises has built some creative projects ranging from skateboards with vacuum bagged carbon and Kevlar, to spoilers and air flow ducting on custom Porsche' play cars. Testing has also been done on Unidirectional custom Carbon chain plates....we haven't quite worked this one out yet, but never less it created the opportunity for further development. Click on the image of the Porsche to see more views.