Decks: ( Primed and Repainted. Put picture of Traun's Gulfstar  here.)

Topsides:  Awlgrip Painting starts at $95.00-150.00 per ft. incl. epoxy primer. This is for base color only.

Our painting process is a proprietary system but basically Gable Enterprises tests the substrate for any contaminants prior to sanding. These contaminants could be diesel fuel dripped over the side, buffing compound, wax on the hull, grease from a grill, in fact we have found that the sugar from spilled sodas has caused contamination of the substrates prior to paint jobs. After this basic testing, we sand the substrate prior to epoxy primer application. This epoxy primer is then sanded with 320 grit prior to final painting. Application of the final paint is done when 2-3 coats are applied, depending on base color choice.

Masts Stripped, Primed, and Repainted: Sailboat masts and other aluminum parts are sanded, cleaned, etched, epoxy primed and painted using the best materials available. It is recommended that all small parts and hardware be removed for this process as it is much more preferable to get a good seal of the aluminum before bolting down hardware. This helps electrolysis from advancing under the new paint job. Painting over electrolysis would be just like painting over a rusted surface.

Custom Striping and Graphics: Awlgrip Striping starts at $12.00-17.00 per ft. for each stripe installed. The cost of striping is driven by the prep work needed to get it done right. Our stripes are pulled perfectly straight and taped with a fine line tape. After this tape application our stripe surface is sanded all the way to the very tape edge, CAREFULLY. This way the paint won't peel at a later date when either pressure washed or taped over for more work. It is said that PREP work is 95 percent of a paintjob. If you believe that then Gable Enterprises will give you the assured quality that you believe in. Accept no less. 

Custom graphics are provided by local artists using either polyurethane or acrylic paints. Graphics can be as simple as plain lettering or as complicated as shaded or airbrushed names. Gable Enterprises generally doesn't recommend installing taped on stripes or names over a recently painted hull. Mylar or plastic striping usually doesn't weather or chafe protect because it is softer than paint. This could  be wear from fenders, docks, solvents, fuel, and buffing of paint.